Drawing on our 24-year history in Calgary, Chinook Denture Clinic offers comprehensive denture education, helping you learn everything you need to know about dentures.

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Better Looking and More Comfortable

What Are Dentures?

Today’s dentures are better looking and more comfortable to wear than even before. Like anything, advances in dentures (in both materials, fitment, and design) continues to improve their form and function
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Comfortable & Natural Speech & Eating

How Are Dentures Made?

When we create your set of dentures, we take specific measurements of your mouth and jaw. These measurements are used to inform the type and size of your dentures, as well as to influence their shape and alignment (to facilitate ideal comfort). We also take impressions of your mouth/jaw, which allows to ensure your dentures fit comfortably and look natural.
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No Two Dentures Are the Same

How Much Do Dentures Cost?

We have prepared a denture cost scale that will help demonstrate the different options we have available. Rest assured every option is custom fit to the patient.
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We offer our patients multiple options for their dentures, ensuring a denture that meets their needs and budget. All our options are comfort fit so you can live with the denture you pick regardless of your budget.
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Senior Happy With Her New Dentures

The Ultimate Guide to Denture Cleaning

Keep Your Dentures Clean

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    Cleaning after meals
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    Daily care
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    Do’s & dont’s
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