How to Remove Tartar From Your Dentures

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Removing Tartar from Dentures

Keeping your dentures clean is an important part of keeping your mouth and gums healthy.

Plaque is a sticky deposit on teeth that forms when bacteria is allowed to proliferate, and can cause gum disease. If it is left unattended it can harden into tartar, which attaches itself to the surface of your dentures.

Removing tartar, and keeping your dentures and gums clean, is a simple process that you can easily add to your daily dental hygiene routine.

Things You Will Need


Denture toothbrush

Denture cleaning paste or cream

White vinegar

Overnight denture cleanser

A small, clean towel

A cup or container large enough to hold your dentures

To Begin

First, you will want to prepare your workspace. You should clean your dentures over your sink, which you will want to fill halfway full with water. The water will help cushion your dentures, and prevent breakage, should you accidentally drop them while you are cleaning.

Place your clean towel down next to the sink. If you need to put your dentures down while you are cleaning carefully place them on the towel. This will help keep them clean and prevent damage.

Soaking Your Dentures Before Cleaning

Prepare a solution of one half vinegar and one half warm water in your denture cup or container. Next, gently place your dentures in the container, making sure they are fully covered in liquid. Let your dentures sit for a while to allow the vinegar solution to soften the built up tartar.

Brushing Your Dentures

You should be brushing your dentures after every meal and before bed, and at least twice per day. To remove the tartar from your dentures use your denture brush and cleaning paste and gently scrub your dentures, paying close attention to cracks and crevices where food might be hiding.

Do not scrub too hard or you may scratch your dentures, creating areas where bacteria can thrive.

Clean away as much tartar and other particles as you can, then rinse your dentures thoroughly under warm water.

Soaking Your Dentures Overnight

When you remove your dentures for the night make sure you store them in a cup or container full of overnight denture cleanser. This will help keep your dentures clean and stop them from drying out.

Get Your Dentures Professionally Cleaned

Your annual fitting is an excellent time to get your dentures professionally cleaned. This will help extend the life of your dentures as well as keep your mouth and gums happy and healthy. If you have questions about your dentures, or would like to book an appointment, contact us at Chinook Denture Clinic today.

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