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We will guide you through the repair process, including setting realistic expectations based on your dentures and the nature of the repair required.

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Realistic Expectations Based On Your Dentures

In many cases, dentures can be sufficiently repaired so as to eliminate the need for replacement. A denture repair is generally more cost effective than a replacement (to a point, more on that below). While it is possible to make all types of repairs and alterations to your dentures, be aware that altering your dentures – repairs included – change how strong your dentures will be.
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    Typical repairs completed in under three hours
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    Repairs performed by experienced denturists
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    We take the time needed to ensure your satisfaction
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    Serving Calgary for Over 24 Years
If your dentures are in need of a repair, consider the information on this page and then schedule a consultation with one of our denturists. We will guide you through the repair process, including setting realistic expectations based on your dentures and the nature of the repair required.
Important: Dentures require repair by skilled technicians. If your dentures require repairs, please do not use glue or other types of adhesive- this may increase the cost of the repair.
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Important Information Regarding Denture Repairs

Determining The Scope of Repairs Required

We hand-inspect every pair of dentures before providing any kind of estimate for repair. Dentures are complex appliances and it is important that we properly assess them before providing an estimate. Each repair is unique, and certain types of repairs may not be possible. We want to ensure that you fully understand the scope and magnitude of the repair. For these reasons, over the phone or quotes via e-mail are not possible. We proceed with the repair after you have given us your consent to do so.
It is our goal to ensure you are happy with the repair and that you leave happy. We will take the time needed to ensure your repair is to your liking.
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What Should You Expect Once Repairs Are Complete?

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    It is important to remember that when a repair is made to your dentures, they are no longer as strong as they were originally.
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    Depending on the reason behind the repair, your repaired dentures may last for weeks, months, or years.
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    It is important that you carefully listen to the advice provided by our denturists, or else you may be plagued by frequent repairs in the future.
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Warranty Information

We provide a repair warranty on dentures we originally built. We are able to offer this warranty because we have an intimate understanding of how the dentures were first made, and thus can accurately predict how a repair will affect them.
On dentures not originally made by us, we will take as long as needed to ensure a thorough and appropriate repair. However, we are unable to offer a warranty/refund on our repair services.
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