Retrofit My Dentures

We can retrofit most serviceable dentures to improve comfort, chewing ability, and appearance. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Chinook Denture Clinic

For serviceable dentures with a metal frame that are seven years old or newer, we offer retrofit services that will improve chewing/mastication power, comfort, and their overall appearance. When natural teeth are replaced with dentures, there is a loss in chewing/mastication power. This loss is estimated to be in the 60-95% range, varying among people.
With the introduction of implants to full denture patients, there is no loss in chewing power. In fact, estimates suggest a probable increase in chewing power.

Warranty Information

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    Replacement dentures, repairs: one year.
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    New denture follow-up adjustments: 90 days.
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    Relines/repairs follow-ups: 30 days.
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