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How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Our Denture Solutions Are Designed for Every Budget!

We offer our patients multiple options for their dentures, ensuring a denture that meets their needs and budget. All our options are comfort fit so you can live with the denture you pick regardless of your budget. 


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No Two Dentures Are the Same

The cost of dentures tends to vary depending on the need of the individual person. No two dentures are made the same. The cost of your denture can be impacted by various factors including material and technique used, as well as the amount of time that will be required. Because every mouth is different, the complexity of each denture varies and requires a proper consultation to accurately determine.

During our consultation, we will be able to properly advise you on what type of denture you will require, and if any extractions will be required. We will provide advice and guidance on what will be involved in keeping your new dentures properly maintained.

These factors will influence the cost of your new denture.

We have prepared a denture cost scale that will help demonstrate the different options we have available. Rest assured every option is custom fit to the patient.

Our Denture Options: Which is Best For You?

Cost of Dentures: Scale

Standard Dentures

Standard Acrylic Dentures from Chinook Denture Clinic

Standard options are considered as the conventional denture option.

Conventional dentures are made for a patient’s mouth cavity once all the teeth have been removed.

Once the teeth are removed, the dentist will let the gums heal before a cast or a mold is made for the mouth cavity.

Overall, a patient waits more than a month without teeth if they choose conventional dentures.

Dentures usually last upto 5 years with proper maintenance and care.

The dentures come with a 1 year warranty and denturists usually recommend relines to be completed within that 5 year period to ensure proper fit.

  1. Conventional dentures incorporate subtle details to fit your mouth and bite, allowing you to choose the size, shade, and type of artificial teeth used
  2. Conventional dentures can last a long time if cared for and maintained.

Warranty Information

  • Replacement dentures, repairs: one year.
  • New denture follow-up adjustments: 90 days.
  • Relines/repairs follow-ups: 30 days

Financing Options

For any of our denture solutions we offer iFinance options with monthly payments starting as low as $65/month oac*. We work closely with iFinance to provide our clients a flexible financing option that best suits their needs. The financing rate varies on the length of the term, cost, and payment preferences. For more information and quick online approvals visit:

Chinook Denture Clinic’s team would be happy to explain the financing options available to you. Please call our clinic for a free consultation to discuss the best solution that fits your needs. Never hold back on a smile again!

*Based on a minimum $2,000 treatment