What Are Dentures?

Learn about dentures at Chinook Denture Clinic, where, for over 24 years, we've been designing natural-looking replacements to support normal speech, eating, and enhance appearance.

Better Looking and More Comfortable

Artificial Replacements for Missing Teeth

Today’s dentures are better looking and more comfortable to wear than even before. Like anything, advances in dentures (in both materials, fitment, and design) continues to improve their form and function
Suitable for Different Applications

Types of Dentures

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    Complete Dentures
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    Partial Dentures
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Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are designed to provide a natural appearance, enable you to maintain normal speech, and facilitate ideal chewing functions. Complete dentures are further broken down into two categories:
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    Conventional complete dentures
    These dentures are placed into the mouth after the teeth have been removed and your gums have healed (this process can take three or four months, during which time you are without teeth).
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    Immediate complete dentures

    These dentures are made in advance (measurements are taken at an appointment prior to tooth extraction). These dentures offer a large benefit in that they are inserted as soon as your natural teeth are removed; this ensures that you are not without teeth

Partial Dentures (Bridges)

Dental Implants

What We Do

Materials Used to Make Dentures

Dentures are made of an acrylic base, usually gum coloured, and artificial teeth that are made of plastic or porcelain. Metals used throughout the denture for its framework are usually stainless steel or a chrome-cobalt alloy.
Dentures are made to different levels of detail and complexity. These changes in detail influence how natural and realistic they look and feel when worn.
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