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My First Denture Program

The my first denture program provides a temporary immediate denture once your natural teeth are extracted.  This offers you a few important benefits:

  • Protect gum tissue & reduce bleeding
  • Minimize facial distortion
  • Ensure you will always have your smile

Located In Chinook Professional Tower

Having your natural teeth extracted and switching to dentures is an important change in your life. There are many new experiences to come, but it all starts with your first denture.

During your first six months with dentures, there will be considerable shrinkage in your jawbones. Through the My First Denture program, bone loss is reduced and minimized via the use of an immediate denture.

To maintain optimum comfort (included in the fee), 4 temporary liner or tissue conditioner will be placed in the denture at 45 day intervals. After the healing process is complete we remove all temporary material and do a permanent reline (not included in fee)

Benefits of Immediate Dentures

The surgical/immediate denture is usually a patient’s first denture and is due to a prognosis of extraction by a dentist. This can be a partial extraction or a full extraction resulting in either a partial denture or a complete denture.

The reasons for wearing a denture (partial or complete) are various – such as appearance and function and the protection of the integrity of the underlying bone structure

Warranty Information

  • Replacement dentures, repairs: one year.
  • New denture follow-up adjustments: 90 days.
  • Relines/repairs follow-ups: 30 days.