How to Remove Tartar From Your Dentures

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Removing Tartar from Dentures

Keeping your dentures clean is an important part of keeping your mouth and gums healthy. Plaque is a sticky deposit on teeth that forms when bacteria is allowed to proliferate, and can cause gum disease. If it is left unattended it can harden into tartar, which attaches itself to the surface of your dentures. Removing tartar, and keeping your dentures … Read More

Why Dentures Smell, & What to Do About It

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Denture Bad Breath

Sometimes dentures can smell bad.  This is simply because the types of bacteria which accumulate on dentures are the same as those which accumulate on natural teeth and oral tissues. Certain types of this bacteria are responsible for causing bad breath; when not removed from dentures, this can lead to bad breath caused by dentures (AKA, “denture breath”). Even though … Read More

Ask the Denturist: Do You Really Need to Remove Your Dentures Before Going to Sleep?

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Dentures Being Stored in Water

One of the most common questions we are asked is “why do I have to remove my dentures before I go to sleep?”. It’s an honest question, as at first the idea of sleeping with your dentures in seems harmless enough. However, wearing dentures changes your oral hygiene requirements, and removing your dentures before sleep plays a part in keeping … Read More

5 Useful Tips for Keeping Your Dentures Clean

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5 Tips for Keeping Dentures Clean

Oral hygiene is important for the health of your teeth, gums, and dentures. Dentures require some basic care in order to stay clean, but with a simple daily routine you’ll find that proper denture care only takes a few minutes extra per day. One of the biggest benefits of the removable denture is the ability to keep it nice and … Read More