Can Dentures Cause Bone Loss?

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A Bridge Denture

Switching to dentures is a big change, and it can have some unexpected consequences. As we loose teeth we also lose bone density, but dentures can help slow or mitigate this bone loss. Our jaws are responsible for supporting and anchoring our teeth, and when removing those teeth it leaves gaps in our jawbones. The bone that supports our teeth … Read More

How to Remove Tartar From Your Dentures

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Removing Tartar from Dentures

Keeping your dentures clean is an important part of keeping your mouth and gums healthy. Plaque is a sticky deposit on teeth that forms when bacteria is allowed to proliferate, and can cause gum disease. If it is left unattended it can harden into tartar, which attaches itself to the surface of your dentures. Removing tartar, and keeping your dentures … Read More